Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy Life, Hectic Schedule

Step 16

I finished the database and received the final payment of $30. Yippee! I really had never contemplated charging someone for a simple database however they are very happy and I am ecstatic!!!

The opportunities that present themselves seem to be endless. A friend needed a ride to get their groceries and do a few chores. I suggested that they just make a list & I would do it when I was doing my running around. Being a friend and the fact that I would be driving by these places in the course of a day, I got the groceries and did their chores. after delivering the groceries, we sat down for a tea and she launched into why she should pay me for running her errands. At first I was stubborn and resisted payment. Then she said "Surely there is something that you could put the money toward". I started to capitulated and said "well....there is this project..." At that point, I think she knew she had all but won the argument. I was torn. After all, what kind of friend charges you to do a few things that really don't take any time or effort. So we discussed it at length and she said not to think of it as a payment but as a donation toward whatever I was working on. Thanks to her, my stake is $20 more than it would have been otherwise.

Now I'm working on a couple of other things that should help carry me this step.

Total for this week - $50.00

Grand Total - $210.00

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Step Completed!!

Step 15 (con't)

This week has been hectic for me in my offline life. I wasn't able to do a great deal but I did get paid a $15 progress payment toward the database. I set up the progress payment to be $15 because that is what I needed to finish the step. Hopefully I will have time to complete the database this weekend.

Total for this week - $15.00

Grand Total - $160.00

Step 16, here I come!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Racing Toward Step 16!

Step 15

I was paid for doing the bookkeeping today. That adds $40 to the stake. In addition, I received a deposit of $25 on the database.

Total for today - $65.00

Grand Total - $145.00

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Busy week!

This past week has been very busy for me. My journey has been moving steadily forward and I thought I had better do an update before I get too far behind.

Step 14(con't)

ClixnCash has paid me another $0.19 to egold (less egold fee of $0.01 and an exchange fee $0.01) and $0.07 to Paypal (no fee). TrafficMeet paid me $1.18 to Paypal so again there was no fee. I will just buy it from myself to get it offline.

I found $0.01 on the sidewalk outside of the hardware store.

I was paid $27.42 for doing an income tax return for a friend's mother. She wanted to pay me more but I only needed $27.42 to finish the step.

Total for the past week - $28.85

Grand Total - $80.00

Woohoo! On to Step 15!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Scrap Metal adds up

Step 14 (con't)

I couldn't believe it! I went to the scrapyard with a couple of lbs of aluminum pop cans and a few lbs of copper pipe with solder. I expected to get $3 or $4. I was speechless when they gave me $7.28 for the copper pipe and $1.30 for the pop cans.

Total today - $8.58

Grand total - $51.15

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Going in the Right Direction

Step 14 (con't)

On Thursday March 29, a friend asked me to get something out of their van. When I went to get it, I spotted a nickel on the floor. I picked it up, took it in and boldly asked if I could keep it. Once they had a chuckle, they told me yes. After leaving the store, I went to a friend's business to help them out with a bit of bookkeeping.

At the store the following day, there were two pennies on the floor so I picked them up. Thankfully I live in an area where people are accepting of, what they perceive as, my eccentrities! I must look depressed all the time because since I started this, my eyes are cast downward most of the time.

On Saturday, I dutifully bundled up my laundry and headed off to the laundromat. While my landry was washing, I took a walk through the parking lot and then headed for the hardware store. I picked up a few items that I needed and then headed to the restaurant for a hot chocolate, which would kill the rest of the time that I had to wait. Walking in, I spotted a friend of mine so I went to join them. We had a little visit and then got our money out to pay for our bills. As he was counting change, I saw that he had four pennies among his other coins. Figuring that my chances of getting them were pretty good, I asked if he would give them to me. He handed them over with nary a single question.

Knowing that it was going to snow later in the week, on Monday I decided to get some of my running around out of the way. As I wound my way through the city getting chores out of the way, I stopped in to say hello to some friends at their work place (which happens to be in one of the indoor malls). As I passed by the lottery kiosk, I spotted something shiny tucked up against the count. I think I am getting a bit eccentric because I was not embarrassed to weave my way through the people in line to get a better look. Realizing it was a coin, I bent down and scooped it up. It wasn't until I had it in my hand that I realized I had a quarter. I must have looked a picture to those around me because I was grinning as I looked at it. I had optimistically been thinking I was lucky to find two nickels in a week...but to find a quarter was sweet!

Total for past few days - $0.36

Grand total - $42.57