Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playing Catchup on Reporting

Things offline are calm at the moment and I am hoping that they stay that way for a while. It is always nice to have a reduction of stress in my life. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to get refocused on my journey.

Even though I was not concentrating on my journey for the last couple of years, my fund has grown more than I realized. I still picked up stray coins, collected returnable bottles and cans for the scrap yard. These habits have become integrated into my life on a subconscious level. I don’t even think about and no one seems to be surprised when I am picking things up and putting them into my car…lol

I was, quite frankly, surprised when I added up all the misc. money that had landed in my fund during the time that I was occupied with my parents and their issues. Considering that my mind was not on my journey, I thought I might have collected a staggering $20 or so. Imagine my surprise as I found the total creeping over $100.

I had forgotten that I received $70 for bookkeeping last August until I found the note in my jar. Unfortunately I had to give up helping my friend with their books because I wasn’t able to be reliable after my mother fell. I will have to find something to replace that bit of regular revenue.

In addition to that, I got decided to log into some of the PTC programs that I had been using and found that I was very close to payout in some. One that I have just gotten is from Wordlinx and I received $9.50. I was amazed that I’d still be able to earn anything from them after all this time. It only took about a week to earn the $0.76 that I needed to reach payout. It was instant so it is safely ensconced in my Paypal account now. There are a few more programs that I expect to pay me but they only total a couple of dollars.

From time to time lately, I help clean the arena. I’ve collected the better part of $10 from coins found on the floor. Added to the other coins I’ve found as I make my way through life, the “found” coins toted up to the spectacular amount of $13.06. The odd time there are stray beer cans. If they allow it, I may lay claim to them if I help again.

If I include 2 of the free movie passes that I have sold for $4 each, the total of my fund goes up by $100.56.

Recently I joined a program called Swagbucks, a search to win site that has been around for a few years. A friend has been suggesting that I join it for about a year and I just had no time to. Now I am glad that I did. When I joined I decided that whatever I won would belong to my journey and, if I wanted it for me, I had to buy it from the journey fund. Within a couple of weeks of joining, and not much effort, I had enough Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon e-gift card. It is roughly one week later and I am just 4 Swagbucks short of getting another. I hardly spend any time on it and average about 65 SB per day. I just use it as I would any other search engine.

I’ve learned that US residents can earn Swagbucks much faster than Canadians can. They also have a wider range to rewards to choose from. Despite that, I’ve been impressed with this program so far.

In addition to the Amazon e-gift card, I have a few bottles and a bag of cans that will be added once I’ve actually got the cash in hand for them. Until then, I won’t be adding any of it to the total.

For the immediate future, I need to figure out what to do to replace the bookkeeping money that I was getting and what my strategy will be when I reach $1000. I’ve been mulling my strategic options over and am still unsure of the direction that I want to take.

Total today – $100.56

Grand Total - $600.72

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Returning to My Journey

After a VERY lengthy absence, I am attempting to claw back a small bit of my life. To accomplish that, it'll take some focus and all the stars in the universe aligning in a perfectly straight line but I am sure it will happen...eventually.

They should have special diploma courses for navigating life. It is far more difficult than navigating a ship and they have courses for that!

Ah well, back to the topic at hand.

I need to figure out exactly where I am with my journey and get it posted by the weekend. Because I am sooooo far behind, I will be just giving an overview rather than detailing how I got each little bit.

For those that are just starting out, and those further along, I recently joined a program that I'm pretty pleased with, Swagbucks. It costs nothing to join and earn. Nor does it consume too much of your time. You simply use their search bar and, because they pull from Google and Ask, the results are decent most of the time. Random searchers get rewarded with Swagbucks but they do it often enough that most get a few rewards throughout the day. The Swag Store offers thousands of items that you can redeem your Swagbucks for, including PayPal dollars and Amazon (dot com and dot ca). It won't make you a ton of money but it will add up. Whatever I get belongs to my journey fund so, if I use it, I have to buy it from the fund.

Give Swagbucks a try. I'm finding that I can get at least one e-gift card a week, depending on the card. I've been consistently getting between 60SB and 100SB a day so it adds up quickly. If you do join, let me know and I will give you some tips on how to get some SBs effortlessly every day.

I will be updating the links of Others on the Quest in the coming days.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Motivation Can Come From Many Things

Waiting in my Paypal account was a pleasant little surprise...$19.02 worth of payments that have been sitting waiting to be noticed. These came from a few PTC programs that I click while reading my email. The largest, $14.03, came from Adbux before it got bogged down in the myriad of changes.

Motivation to continue.

Total Today - $19.02

Grand Total - $500.16

Chaotic Real Life

Over the past year, my life has ceased to be my own with no end in sight. In order to retain a modicum of my life, I have decided that I would have to carve out a bit of time to continue my journey...although progress will be slow while the majority of my time will be spent looking after my responsibilirs off line...and tending to an injury that has left me kind of like a bird with a broken wing.

During the winter ,I slipped and fell on my shoulder, doing a fair bit of damage. Unfortunately I am right handed & it is my right shoulder. Every time it shows signs of progress, impatience with the restraint rears its ugly head and I reinjure it. My stupidity in this regard seems to show no bounds. Hopefully I will learn to let the body completely heal BEFORE I try to use it as normal.

One of the two thing that I did consistently while I was away is to continue collecting coins that I found. When I added it up, it was $4.88. Not much but progress none the less.

The other thing was to collect scrap aluminum. I have a bunch of cans that I need to take to the scrapyard so that I can add that too.

I'm back to clicking ads as I open my email so that may add a tiny bit to my total soon. There were still some ptc accounts that had balances.

I intend to cast my mind toward finding a project with which I can add to my earnings. With luck, my stagnant period will end soon & I'll be back up to speed in no time.

Total Today - $4.88

Grand Total - $481.14

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Step 17 (con't)
Isn't it odd? I have taken a quasi hiatus from the doubling in order to deal with everything else that is going on in my life and here I am posting 2 entries in 2 days.

I was able to invoice for the few hours of bookkeeping that I needed to do and was paid $100.00. That was added to the stake.

Several weeks ago I completed an online survey and was told that I would be paid for it. I was a bit skeptical but, will wonders never cease, a cheque for $17USD came in the mail today. It converted to $17.72CDN whch I added to my stake. Once I have more time, I will search out more surveys.

My neighbours are having a bit of construction done & I went over to see how it was progressing. As I walked up the driveway, I noticed a dime lying in the gravel. It was promptly added to my stake. It is all adding up nicely!!

I got another $0.18 from ClixnCash. As well, I received $0.08 from another program.

Total Today - $118.08

Grand Total - $476.26

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life's Curve Balls

Over the last 6 weeks, my life has not been my own. Trying to deal with the long term hospitalization of a parent, a death in the family, a significant health concern for a member of the family and all of the responsibilities and time that those things entail, in addition to the normal chaos of my life, have meant that there has been little to no time to focus on my journey.

With all that has been going on in my life, updating the blog has not been a priority but it is about 3 weeks since my last update. It's about time that I update even though there has been little activity.

Step 17 (con't)

I joined PTC programs in the early steps of this project in order to get moving along. I would click the ads as I dealt with email and if I was just surfing. They were very useful for that as you can withdraw small amounts and move up step by step. Because they don't utilize much in the way of time (they fit into the time I would be doing online stuff anyway), I have continued to click away. Small amounts are better than no amounts so, here is the latest additions to the stake:

ClixnCash has paid me another $0.59.

I have received $1.12 from TrafficMeet.

A program called MyClix has added $1.97 to the stake.

Adbux has helped grow the stake. I was pleasantly suprised to be able to cashout $10.05 with only 1 referral. Payment was received in about 48 hours. I now have 2 referrals so I should be able to get to cashout faster this time. They pay $0.01 per click and the referrer gets 100% of the referrals clicks. I am seriously considering buying a package of referrals from them as I think it will pay for itself in 1 month. They sell 25 referrals for $39.95. All I would need is about 17 active referrals in the package to cover my costs.

I tried a program & decided that it wasn't productive. It did pay me $0.05 though.

All told, the clicking made me $13.78. Since they all pay to my personal Paypal account, I had no fees to take into consideration.

In addition to the clicking, I did a bit of bookkeeping and, once I invoice him, will be able to add another $100 to the stake...Woohoo!

Finding coins seems to have gotten easier but I am sure that it just seems that way because I am aware of it. In the past 3 weeks, I have found a total of $1.03. Finding 2 quarters at the laundromat helped with the overall "found" total.

I tried a small experiment in a friend's office. I did up a little jar with a label on it that said "HELP" in big red letters, put it on his desk and asked him not to solicit any money for it. After salting it with $.28, I left it there for a week. I wondered if anyone would just put money in...and they did. He told me that he was just as surprised because only 1 person had asked what it was for. The grand total that was in it when I went in to get it was $4.76 (mostly dimes, nickels and pennies) which leads me to believe that people don't think of coins has having much value to them. If only I could figure out a way to part more people from their coins...:) After taking out the $0.28 that I started it with, I had $4.48 to add to my stake.

I was given a movie pass that is for 2 and includes 2 regular popcorn and 2 regular soft drinks. I'm thinking that selling it for $15-$20 gives whoever buys it a bargain and adds to my stake.

I had collected cans in an earlier step and now people give me whatever cans they have when I am visiting so I have a bag of cans on the go. When I accumulate enough, I'll take them to the scrapyard. There is an event coming up &, if they don't collect the cans, I may take a garbage bag & salvage what I can...pun intended...:)

Total for the past few weeks - $19.29

Grand Total - $358.18

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Gem of a Report!

I just finished downloading and reading Cris Carpenter's free report Google Cash Strikes Back. Chris authored Google Cash which ended up being an authoritative affiliate marketer's guide to making money using Google to drive traffic. This free report informs you of the technology and tools needed to make money with Google today.

Is it flogging something? All the free reports do and I fully expected it to. I intend to pull out some of my information products, review them & then make a decision on whether to purchase the tools or whether it can be done manually for a while.

I get $0.50 for each report that is downloaded from my link and, the best part, if 3 people download the report from my link, I get entered into a contest that I dearly want to win!

It costs you nothing to download and read so you have nothing to lose.

Google Cash Strikes Back Report