Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life's Curve Balls

Over the last 6 weeks, my life has not been my own. Trying to deal with the long term hospitalization of a parent, a death in the family, a significant health concern for a member of the family and all of the responsibilities and time that those things entail, in addition to the normal chaos of my life, have meant that there has been little to no time to focus on my journey.

With all that has been going on in my life, updating the blog has not been a priority but it is about 3 weeks since my last update. It's about time that I update even though there has been little activity.

Step 17 (con't)

I joined PTC programs in the early steps of this project in order to get moving along. I would click the ads as I dealt with email and if I was just surfing. They were very useful for that as you can withdraw small amounts and move up step by step. Because they don't utilize much in the way of time (they fit into the time I would be doing online stuff anyway), I have continued to click away. Small amounts are better than no amounts so, here is the latest additions to the stake:

ClixnCash has paid me another $0.59.

I have received $1.12 from TrafficMeet.

A program called MyClix has added $1.97 to the stake.

Adbux has helped grow the stake. I was pleasantly suprised to be able to cashout $10.05 with only 1 referral. Payment was received in about 48 hours. I now have 2 referrals so I should be able to get to cashout faster this time. They pay $0.01 per click and the referrer gets 100% of the referrals clicks. I am seriously considering buying a package of referrals from them as I think it will pay for itself in 1 month. They sell 25 referrals for $39.95. All I would need is about 17 active referrals in the package to cover my costs.

I tried a program & decided that it wasn't productive. It did pay me $0.05 though.

All told, the clicking made me $13.78. Since they all pay to my personal Paypal account, I had no fees to take into consideration.

In addition to the clicking, I did a bit of bookkeeping and, once I invoice him, will be able to add another $100 to the stake...Woohoo!

Finding coins seems to have gotten easier but I am sure that it just seems that way because I am aware of it. In the past 3 weeks, I have found a total of $1.03. Finding 2 quarters at the laundromat helped with the overall "found" total.

I tried a small experiment in a friend's office. I did up a little jar with a label on it that said "HELP" in big red letters, put it on his desk and asked him not to solicit any money for it. After salting it with $.28, I left it there for a week. I wondered if anyone would just put money in...and they did. He told me that he was just as surprised because only 1 person had asked what it was for. The grand total that was in it when I went in to get it was $4.76 (mostly dimes, nickels and pennies) which leads me to believe that people don't think of coins has having much value to them. If only I could figure out a way to part more people from their coins...:) After taking out the $0.28 that I started it with, I had $4.48 to add to my stake.

I was given a movie pass that is for 2 and includes 2 regular popcorn and 2 regular soft drinks. I'm thinking that selling it for $15-$20 gives whoever buys it a bargain and adds to my stake.

I had collected cans in an earlier step and now people give me whatever cans they have when I am visiting so I have a bag of cans on the go. When I accumulate enough, I'll take them to the scrapyard. There is an event coming up &, if they don't collect the cans, I may take a garbage bag & salvage what I can...pun intended...:)

Total for the past few weeks - $19.29

Grand Total - $358.18

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