Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Gem of a Report!

I just finished downloading and reading Cris Carpenter's free report Google Cash Strikes Back. Chris authored Google Cash which ended up being an authoritative affiliate marketer's guide to making money using Google to drive traffic. This free report informs you of the technology and tools needed to make money with Google today.

Is it flogging something? All the free reports do and I fully expected it to. I intend to pull out some of my information products, review them & then make a decision on whether to purchase the tools or whether it can be done manually for a while.

I get $0.50 for each report that is downloaded from my link and, the best part, if 3 people download the report from my link, I get entered into a contest that I dearly want to win!

It costs you nothing to download and read so you have nothing to lose.

Google Cash Strikes Back Report

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time Away

Step 16 (con't)

I have been extremely busy offline and didn't get a chance to update the blog. Life has a way of consuming every minute oof the day if you allow it...and I've been allowing it. Now I am starting to take back time for me!!

Bookkeeping brought me another $100...WOOHOO!! As well, I sold two movie passes for $10. They got a deal!

Step 16 is now behind me and Step 17 in stretching ahead.

Step 17

The $2 Tim Horton's gift certificate, the haircut coupon, and the restaurant gift certificate brought me in $17. I still have a $1 TH gift certificate and one movie pass to sell.

I was paid $0.79 from ClixnCash and $1.10 from TrafficMeet. No fees were incurred as the payments went to my personal Paypal account.

It's that constant money coming in in dribs and drabs that makes the difference.

Total for the past few weeks - $110.00 + $18.89

Grand Total - $338.89