Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Step 17 (con't)
Isn't it odd? I have taken a quasi hiatus from the doubling in order to deal with everything else that is going on in my life and here I am posting 2 entries in 2 days.

I was able to invoice for the few hours of bookkeeping that I needed to do and was paid $100.00. That was added to the stake.

Several weeks ago I completed an online survey and was told that I would be paid for it. I was a bit skeptical but, will wonders never cease, a cheque for $17USD came in the mail today. It converted to $17.72CDN whch I added to my stake. Once I have more time, I will search out more surveys.

My neighbours are having a bit of construction done & I went over to see how it was progressing. As I walked up the driveway, I noticed a dime lying in the gravel. It was promptly added to my stake. It is all adding up nicely!!

I got another $0.18 from ClixnCash. As well, I received $0.08 from another program.

Total Today - $118.08

Grand Total - $476.26

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Michael Heindel said...

Hope things are going better for you.

Great work on your project so far. I have a goal to make $1,000 by Thanksgiving.

Keep Up the Good Work!